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- GESgroup Opens different Communication Channels in Different Social Networks:,

- Recalling the first Photographic Reportages 10j10 Manifestation in Barcelona on the Ruling of the Catalan Statute for the CATALAN BRAND of GESGROUP. GMK.CAT

Xavier Tey Lunas presents the Franchisee of Business of at the Conference Mobile Session of Genmob in Vilanova i la Geltrú.

- Change its Corporative Image Web Site, from a More Current|up-to-Dte and Modern Image.
- June 2010. is Prepared for the Open of the Business On line, while Expecting the Definite recovery of the Sector.

- edit and have Published the first Number of the Newspaper of Gestic Technologies.

- In his strategic Plan of Restructuring it creates, that Manage the Contents and the Advertising of their
different Companies and Customers.

- The Manager of Xavier Tey Lunas, goes to the Most Important Event of the World of the Sector in BARCELONA, the Professional World of the Mobiles Phones. MWC MOBILE

- The Entrepreneurial & Founder Xavier tey Lunas of, Receives the Insign of Silver of the F.C. Barcelona on the part of 2 Managers in Commemoration of 25 Years as a Blaugrana Member Partner.

- Change the Company, & Incorporates the Real Sector Estate, with a Series of Commercial Premises, and Flats.

- firm a Commercial Agreement with two mMultinational, an Italian and the other of USA, for the distribution at National level of First Brands&Marks in Portables, Pcs, Mobiles Phones,PDAs, and Others.

- Makes act of Presence in the Auditorium Theater of Sant Cugat del Vallès in the Acts of the Year of the Tapestry (50 years), one of the first Activities Programmed by the Civic Commission of the year of Tapestry. (Town council of St.Cugat)

Meetings '' & GESCAT.CAT

- Xarxa Activa of Barcelona. Ancient|Antique Alumnes ESADE and Ex-Becaris LA CAIXA. -
- 29 November of 2005. - BCN TechWorking.- Barcelona. BarcelonaActiva & Chamber Barcelona. 22@.


- 24 January 2006. -The Power of a good Entrepreneurial Information. Barcelona Activa & Chamber of Barcelona.
- 16 February of 2006. - BCN TechWorking.- Barcelona. Barcelona Activa & Chamber Barcelona.
- 11 May of 2006. -!st Annual Day Sector TIC. - Chamber of Barcelona. -
- 31 May of 2006. - BCN TechWorking.- Barcelona. BarcelonaActiva & Chamber Barcelona.
- 22 June of 2006. - Avoiding Computer and Legal Risks in the Company. -ACTIVE NET. (Town council of Barcelona).

- 30 June. - Innovating For Progess. -ATOS. AETIC. ABERTIS. SECARTYS.(CIDEM).
- 14 September of 2006. -Start-Up novadora searches Capital. - Active La Caixa & Net (Barcelona Activa).
- 28 September of 2006/ 25 October. - BCN TechWorking.- Barcelona. BarcelonaActiva & Chamber Barcelona. & Digital Tertulia.
- 5 October of 2006. -The Strategy of Branding. - Barcelona Activa.
- 17 October of 2006. -Internet like in Eina de Marketing International. - Promotion of the Work & COPCA(cidem).
- 25 October of 2006. -Center of visits R+D of Hewlett Packard.- St Cugat of the Vallés)-
- 16 November 2006. -Advertising, Marketing and Comunicación across Internet. - OJD Auditors & Barcelona Activa.
- 16 November of 2006. -II 'METALS' IQUA
- 21 of November of 2006. - 21st Prize of Catalonia of Communication and Relations|Relationships you Publish. Assistance.
- 29 November of 2006. -World SME Expo CHINA. -Session. - Town council of Barcelona,Barcelona Center of Design, PIMEC_SEFES. -
- 13/16 December of 2006. - Encuentro de Negocios AL.INVEST.-(BILBOA). European Software Institute.


- 23 January of 2007. -III Technological Bridge in Silicon Valley and in Seattle. -Session Informativa..-Ajuntament of Digital Barcelona & Chamber of Commerce & Tertulia.
- 13 June of 2007. -II Annual Day Sector TIC. - Chamber of Barcelona. -
- 17 July of 2007. - Technological Bridge in China. - Plenary Session. -

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